We help developers and publishers

BADA GAMES is an agency team, gathered by game-adoring crews to help domestic/international game developers to release their games themselves in South Korea without local publishers.

We can help you with any tasks necessary for releasing your game in the Korean market in the overall process, such as localization, marketing, and GRAC age rating certificate.

You can count on us as a publishing-outsourcing agency for any kind of business that game publishers do.



Since 2014, BADA GAMES has supported localization services for various titles from AAA to small indies.

Our major works include:
 - Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, Endless Space 2 (SEGA)
 - Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope)
 - Darkest Dungeon (Red hook Studios)
 - Return to Monkey Island, Katana ZERO (Devolver Digital)
 - The Binding of Isaac (Nicalis)

With professional testers and LQAs, we can fully take charge and handle the task from localization to testing. All teammates are hardcore video gamers so they can deeply understand the game and provide the localization at its highest possible quality.
The cost may be subject to each game, but we always suggest a reasonable number.
Feel free to contact us (contact@badagames.net).

Publishing Support

We can do any necessary tasks to let your game available in the Korean market regardless of the platform or target age.

We are nearly the only company providing agency service for age rating in Korea, focusing on helping foreign developers to publish their games on any platform in Korea with us. We can also handle every age level, All to 18+.

The cost may be subject to the amount of game resources provided by you before/during the process. Hard to provide some resources? Just send us a playable game build or detailed game development note. We will take full responsibility for rating your game in Korea.

The cost is variable depending on each game. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a detailed estimation (gamerating@badagames.net)


We are in partnership with various major Twitch streamers, from influencers with more than 300,000 followers already to very prospective streamers in the future. We can also help you in promotion for major media. Keep in mind that localization works best when combined with marketing.
‌Looking for a booth agency for a game show like BIC or G-STAR? You are in the right place.
‌We also host a few video game events like SUPER SPEEDRUN MARATHON

Feel free to contact us (contact@badagames.net).

바다게임즈에 관하여

바다게임즈는 현지화, 퍼블리싱 지원, 마케팅 등 다양한 방면에서 해외의 개발자들을 도와주는 소규모 팀입니다.

바다게임즈는 영어 혹은 일본어로 된 게임을 한국어로 번역하고 있습니다. 다양한 게임을 한국 게이머들이 즐길 수 있도록 힘쓰고 있습니다.

바다게임즈는 해외의 다양한 게임들의 국내 심의 절차를 도와주고 있습니다. 이는 단순히 심의 대행이 아닌 파트너 관계를 구축하여 해당 개발자의 게임이 합법적으로 국내에 판매될 수 있도록 도와주기 위함입니다. 해외의 게임 개발자들이 한국에서 심의를 받는 건 어려운 일입니다. 그렇다고 심의 하나 때문에 유통사를 구하는 건 인디 개발자들에게 너무 부담스럽고 리스크가 크기도 합니다. 바다게임즈를 통해 심의를 받은 모든 게임은 해외의 개발자가 직접 닌텐도, 소니, 마이크로소프트의 온라인 스토어를 통하여 국내에 판매합니다.

바다게임즈는 닌텐도에 정식으로 등록된 개발/배급사이며 심의 관련 업무를 협력하고 있습니다.

101-503, 34, Sasang-ro 170beon-gil, Sasang-gu, BUSAN, KOREA 46975
Tel: (+82) 10-9885-7765
Mail: contact@badagames.net